Nobody can doubt the fact that Riga is the city of inspiration. Inspiration is needed to celebrate holidays like Rigans are used to do it. Without inspiration Riga would have been deprived of its music, poetry and tales that have always been born here in abundance. But where does Riga’s inspiration really come from?

Does it come from the water?
Riga’s history is closely connected to the water. Eight hundred years ago the sea brought from Germany ships full of fanatic Crusaders and reckless adventurers who decided that this was the right place where their town should be founded. A Latvian peasant after the visit to the foreign-looking city described Riga in his song as “arising from the water”. Riga does not belong to the towns craving for the title of “The Northern Venice” but it is used to look for its reflection in the Daugava’s water.

Does it come from the wind?
All kinds of winds have swept over Riga during the past eight centuries and think what they brought with them! The Western wind brought us the foreign merchants’ vessels giving out fragrances of Oriental spices and American tobacco. The exotic odour of Asia lingered after the biting Eastern wind sharp as the nomads’ swards. The Northern wind rushed in to turn the roofs into snowdrifts and ponds into the skating-rinks. The Southern wind arrived with the sweet smelling fragrance of the blossoming meadows and gentle scent of the mellowing fields. It is a matter of reason that the symbol of Riga is the weather vane - the golden rooster on the church spire.
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